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Hi, I am Chris DeWolf, an independent entrepreneur specializing in graphic design, hand crafted jewelry, promotional items and art creations. Welcome to my site. 

I established DeWolf ArtWorks in 2001 to give me the independence and freedom to pursue my passion for creative arts. DeWolf ArtWorks offers creative and unique products that fuse traditional and natural materials with contemporary design. In 2013, I added customized promotional items to my list of services.

I graduated in 1997 with a diploma in graphics arts from Nova Scotia Community College. I began working in the field in 1998 in Fort Smith, NT. After 5 years of graphics design, I was introduced to jewelry making techniques through various workshops I attended. This sparked my desire to learn ways of creating my own unique and hand crafted jewelry. This fulfills my desire to create, and at the same time, allows other people to buy and enjoy my wearable art.

DeWolf ArtWorks offers flexible work hours and rush service, if necessary. I have in-depth experience and knowledge of various media and professional design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite - In Design, Illustrator and Photoshop. 

My artwork and jewelry creations are greatly inspired by nature and my Northern surroundings. The design, elements and media used in many of my pieces are taken directly from nature. My jewelry materials range from silver, semi-precious gems, hand-made glass beads, bison horn, ancient mammoth ivory and polymer clay. 

I welcome commissions for both jewelry and art creation. 
I enjoy hearing from customers and potential clients, so please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Thank you for supporting an independent entrepreneur! 
Contact Chris at dewolf@northwestel.net or by phone (867) 872-5547




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